Thursday, April 19, 2007

MFLS: Roster Week 3

I decided to be active and make some trades for this week's roster. I picked up Ralston, Altidore, and Pierce. I am making a play on New England this week and thinking that they will beat Columbus on the road. Columbus has yet to score but also has not given up any goals either. Banking on New England contradicts my defensive trade to pick up Pierce (who plays on Columbus). I think he is a long term addition to my roster though. Altidore is my new forward - I am hoping the Red Bulls turn it on. Keeper change in net since DC United has a bye. Chicago needs to be stingy this week.


rc said...

Altidore has to turn it on, or else he is going to find his butt on the bench w/ Angel coming in from Aston Villa this week.

wilablog said...

I hear good things about Altidore and the one game I saw he looked dangerous. He is young so I am hoping he just keeps getting better. Angel isn't available to pick up yet...and I'm assuming he is too expensive for my team at this point. We'll see.