Monday, April 16, 2007

MFLS Week 2 Results

Week 2 of the MFLS competition is over and my game predictions continue to outshine my player roster. Obviously I should try synching up the roster with the predictions. Right now I am ranked:
  • 162 out of 2241 in the prediction league
  • 1817 out of 2241 in the fantasy pool
Here's how my roster did in week 2. Almost any New England player was a sure thing this past weekend (see Cristman) as they slaughtered Toronto. Ralston and Twellman were the NER players that would have brought home the big bucks - Ralston had two assists to Twellman. Its starting to look like banking on big Toronto losses may be a decent strategy. Not sure what is going on with DC United but I think the might be offloading some of the DC players from my roster if the team can't pick up the pieces soon. Eddie Johnson had a great weekend, in contrast to his US MNT performances. I won't hop on the bandwagon yet though - one game does not indicate that he is out of his slump just yet.

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