Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bill Frisell

Been listening to a little Bill Frisell, great jazz guitarist, this morning. One of my all time favorite pieces from him is this particular one called Verona from his album Gone, Just Like a Train.

I picked up Bill's music back in 1999 when I was in Troy, NY. I have fallen out of touch with his more recent work but maybe I will rectify that. Looks like he had an album release this past April called Signs of Life. Here is a video that explores the concept of the new album, which pairs him with a chamber-group. For someone like me who was introduced to a lot of his guitar driven jazz work, this combination is pretty interesting. If you are interested and have time to watch the video below, it is a cool view into the creative process of this unique string quartet.

"We know when not to know. Which is often."

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