Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick Favors

Quick favors sometimes have a way of turning into long projects. Here you see a quick request to change a water filter becoming a 4 person project accompanied by the moral support of one canine (not pictured). Our friend from LOM joined us for the quick 2 day trip to Hot Springs and has pulled some serious weight within 48 hours.

I plan on roping Retired into the "quick favor" mix next...beware, golf outings in Hot Springs Village are in your future.


Retired said...

Waiting for the call! I'm in;)
Tell MD I'm impressed with his apparent skills!

Anonymous said...

He also cleans gutters.

Xularite said...

I can... um... I can dress people! That's like a quick favor... ok not really. This was a deliberate waste of time. Sorry!