Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Cajun Farewell

Our good friends Mark and Karen are making their way out west this week, and this past weekend we had the chance to celebrate with their family and friends to wish them well on their next great adventure. This was a true Cajun goodbye from the food, to the people and the music. When I tell you that we ate some of the best crawfish étouffée, chicken and sausage jambalaya, drive thru margaritas and homemade cake, I kid you not.

In addition to the amazing food, we were treated to a back porch performance by Les Frères Michot. If you were to pick a band that you could label a staple of local Cajun music and culture, these are the guys. What a treat. Last but not least was the company. Mark and Karen's family have taken us in as their own (although I might have been disowned when I won their family croquet tournament) and their friends have welcomed us with the same Cajun spirit.

Consider this note a special thanks to Mark and Karen for their friendship, their laughter and smiles, and a special thank you to their family and friends for making us a part of your lives. Enjoy Arizona! And see you in a few weeks!

I take no credit for any of these photos. They are the truly wonderful work of Janenne DeClouet and I hope she does not mind me picking a few from her public gallery to share with you.

Four beautiful ladies. Our friend Karen is the second from the right.

Good friends below! Mark and Karen are in the middle below and his sister Ellen and her husband Michael are on the left.

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mdeclouet said...

It was truly a remarkable evening. The speed at which it came and went was similar to our wedding reception...I guess that's how one knows the time passed was great.
Thanks for the post.

See you guys in a couple of weeks, and bring come hiking shoes.