Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going for a Walk

Our good friend Retired has asked us to look after his family dogs for the next few days...well, one is 50% wolf but lets call them dogs anyway. Today was the first of the dog sitting days and boy were they exited to see us.

Shoba (the wolf) is just about as tall as my wife!

You might think that this might hinder their ability to bond, but guess again.

The walk was pretty easy, in fact, they are both better walkers than Jozy. And the looks that little children give you as you walk by are priceless.


Retired said...

Nice to see you guys made friends!! Hopefully he did not maul you too bad in his initial excitement;)

Thanks we appreciate it and I know they do too;)

karen said...

That's what Ghost looks like

wilablog said...

Yes! I feel like a Stark when walking him.