Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup 2006: June 16

Yesterday was a crazy travel day - but we are finally here! We touched down in Cologne around 8:30 am, took a train to Mannheim, took another train to Karlsruhe, hiked 15 minutes with our backpacks, and finally got to fall asleep again at the Novotel in Karlsruhe.

Let me tell you, Germany is wild about soccer. Even folks in business clothes are wearing cleats.

They are a lot like us though. They are into Dan Brown and realize that declaring the book sacrilege will definitely make the copies sell.

We rested by a pissing fountain.

And I ordered Baden style sausage for dinner. Who knew that ground up bologna could cost $15 and taste so good! I did have some awesome beer with my cold cuts though.

Dollar stores are everywhere.

That’s where I got your gift.

Today is the big US vs Italy game in Kaiserslauten. It is going to be awesome to be there! Talk to you again soon.


retired said...

UGGHHHHH! I am so Jealous! Have a blast and bring home lots of pictures!

retired said...

Thanks for the luck you brought our boys today! Next time paint yourselves or something so we can get a little more! I don't know if you guys are getting all the facts there but this is how it stands: US has to beat Ghana and Czech has to loose to Italy for us to advance

Italy 7 pts
US 4 pts
Czech 3 pts
Ghana 3 Pts

So put your rally caps on!!!
Don't tread on me!

retired said...

One other possibility! US beats Ghana by 3 and Czech beats Italy by 3. US will advance over Italy by one point on goal on goal differential.

SINEDDIE said...

sounds totally fun...
don;t mention worl war 2 to anyone....

SINEDDIE said...

sorry for the spelling error(s)....