Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup in Cologne

Cologne has the largest Brazilian population in the country...thus making it a great place to catch the Brazil vs. Ghana match the other night. Personally, I believe Ghana could have won. They just needed to find the old onion bag. Brazil on the other hand, scored 1/3rd of their shots. Pretty good percentage for the knock out stage.

A rather loud Brazilian fan who would probably disagree with my anlaysis that I thought Ghana was quite possibly the better team of the evening...despite the score line:

Cologne also has one of the most magnificent cathedrals you will ever see. It is impossible to describe or photograph it and do it any justice. It is simply awe inspiring.

As much as some might consider this worthy of a chapel ceiling, this piece of art was on the ceiling of the train station. The commerical of Jose +10 has been one of the best of the cup. This is only a small piece of a gigantic mural which included most of the world's most famous players.

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retired said...

Don't know if you noticed but there are still signs of damage on the exterior of that church from WW2.