Friday, June 04, 2010

Believe: The Miracle on Grass

The US plays England in 1 week and we will be there watching. Not many people think we have a chance. Not many people thought we had a chance back in 1950 either and we pulled the 1-0 upset back then - now referred to the Miracle on Grass.

Just got the t-shirt I ordered that I'll be wearing on the flight over to SA on our way to watch history repeat.

Here's a recent story in the English press on the subject.

Go US!!! Believe.

Update: Forgot to mention that you go to Objectivo and buy the shirt now and it will arrive in time to support the boys.

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pele1410 said...

"Boy, I feel sorry for these bastards. How are they ever going to live down the fact we beat them?" ~Harry Keough