Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So one of the big concerns as we were planning our trip had to do with transportation around the city. We knew we weren't going real far away from Johannesburg and that we would be spending a lot of time locally. Question was, how would we get around? There are public taxis that look like minibuses that all tourists are warned to stay away from, the local train/subway system is in the same boat (everyone tells you it's not safe), walking in some areas was supposed to be sketchy, and then there was renting a car. We considered the latter (weighed it against the rumors of car jackings) but opted to try having our hotel call a taxi-car (the one recommended option in any tour book that you read about Joburg).

In the end, we found Justine. He drives fast, is extremely punctual, really friendly, and has turned into our driver for the majority of destinations. Highly recommended if you come to the city. His contact info (and the speedy view through the windshield) is above.

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