Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grupo Revelação - Sina (Ao Vivo no Morro)

I have a ton of great memories of South Africa - here's a small one related to music and the international vibe of attending a World Cup. My wife and I were lucky enough to pick up a pair of extra tickets to go to the Argentina vs South Korea game that was held in Soccer City. Our hotel (filled 100% with World Cup fans) arranged for a small bus to get people to the game. Two Brazilians were on our bus and they wasted no time passing a CD to the driver to listen to on the road to the game...

...and that my friends is how I was introduced to Grupo Revelação, and their CD Ao Vivo no Morro. You may not understand a single word of this song but when you hit the chorus at 1:36, you'll wish you could sing along with the rest of the crowd and you just might make up some sounds that fit as best as you can because it is definitely infectious.

Of course, I turned to the Brazilian next to me and asked him what it was we were listening to but he didn't speak English at all. Luckily his friend who was with him did and I made sure to get the name of the group before we parted ways. The band is known for a genre of samba music called pagoda.

Not quite convinced? Here's another. I just love the crowd singing along to each of the chrouses in these songs. Definitely looking forward to 2014.


Francisco said...

Really nice to find out your blog and find Brazilians songs there.
Grupo Revelação is well known in Brazil and this kind of song is called PAGODE.
I hope you can come to Brazil next world cup and listening to other singers and songs.

wilablog said...

Thanks Francisco! We hope we can get to Brazil as well. Was hoping you guys might make the finals this year...sorry that didn't happen. See you in 2014!