Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We went to the Apartheid Museum yesterday and the experience was pretty amazing. When you buy your ticket they randomly classify you as either White or Non-White (notice the entry card in Carlee's hand) and then get routed through separate entrances. As you walk through the museum you learn about the different aspects of apartheid - it was an eye opening experience to learn more about this part of South Africa's recent past. The president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma has stated that 2010 (the year for hosting the World Cup) is the most important year in this country's history in the last 16 years - when the country held its first fully democratic elections in 1996. I cannot comment one way or the other on this claim but I can say that the spirit of the World Cup and the sense of national pride are everywhere you go. It wouldn't surprise me if Zuma is right.

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