Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kulula Ad

Kulula (local SA airway) has been an fan favorite and a FIFA nightmare with their creative ads geared at the frustration over FIFA's control over the World Cup brand name. They have been publishing ads that have a ton of tongue in cheek humor that is centered on referencing the cup without actually stating its name. There is a lot of frustration with some in SA related to the control FIFA has exerted.

This ad cracked me up. I'm sure you can read the big part, the smaller text reads:

"...we're offering fully inclusive one way flights from R419. Unless your name is Sepp Blatter of course. So Sepp, if you need to be anywhere in the country in the most convenient way possible, email us at and we'll fly you for free. This offer I'd valid for the duration of that thing that is happening right now."



mdeclouet said...

That's hysterical. Imagine Jet Blue or AA using that strategy in the states.

pele1410 said...

I remember when they came out with this ad right after FIFA ordered them to stop. Priceless.