Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bus 2056

This is a photo of me and my favorite bus...or you might think it was favorite bus. My wife and I spent 10-11 hours on it yesterday on the way to Rustenburg for the US game. The reason those hours entered double digits is a long and sordid tale best left for some good beer. Amazingly enough, the 38 US fans and 2 English fans stuck on the journey never really lost their cool. I can't really begin to describe the occasions we got lost, the failed attempts at voting for the next destination, a drunken tour guide, and a mysterious group of 7 lost passengers.


Carlee said...

In defense of the South African people, the snafoos we experienced were the fault of the American leading the group... And no failures of the tournament or country.

mdeclouet said...

...ever the diplomat. I'm sure you're carrying a SA flag in your back pocket