Sunday, June 27, 2010

New York Post: This Sport is Stupid Anyway

Ignorance like this always amazes me.

Update: be fair, I have yet to read the article so maybe this out of context headline is redeemed in some strange fashion although I have my (serious) doubts. I also have my serious doubts that I will even try to read this article.

Update: For all of the international readers who are stumbling on this post, please know that this is not a majority opinion in the US...the Post is a sensationalist tabloid known for scandalous headlines, and this opinion is definitely not representative of the American public.


pele1410 said...

Article wasn't worth reading. "blah blah blah fairy tale ending... something something something we didn't get it done... derp derp I'm an idiot... we'll know in the next 4 years if we really won or not"

The comments were the usual "soccer is boring" tirade against sanity.

Xularite said...

rubbish... but to be expected from their colloquial pig ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that is the majority view in the US, though there are still plenty of people who believe otherwise.

wilablog said...

I'll have to respectfully disagree with that last comment. First off, this headline makes no distinction between recreational sport (of which soccer is one of the most popular in the US - and possibly most popular according to some sources) vs. spectator sport (where admittedly the sport struggles in the US). The gradual turnaround in the US in recent years as far as spectator appreciation of the sport also seems to dispute this headline and your comment.

When it comes down to it, the headline is simply juvenile, similar to the reaction a small child has when its toy is taken away.