Thursday, January 24, 2008

18 games, 67 different players

I was reading a short blurb on what 2008 should bring for the US MNT on earlier today and it had an interesting stat in the middle of the editorial. This stat is pre-Sweden game this past weekend. That is kind of an obvious statement for me to make given the phrasing of the sentence below, but I mention it because if you add in that 19th game, the numbers increase.

"Over the course of 18 games last year, 67 different players suited up for the full U.S. national team, including nine debutantes."

That is a lot of players. Personally, I like the way Bradley has rotated and tested out a huge group of players that we probably never would have seen on an Arena squad. However, I would think that with qualifying for 2010 starting to ramp up, it is time to settle into a consistency and team building phase. It will be very interesting to see if this happens, and who this happens with. Next game is February 6th against Mexico! And it tempting in its location...only 3 hours away in Houston.


pele1410 said...

Retired and I went to the last US v Mexico game in Houston and it was crazy. Easily more Mexican fans than US. Unfortunately it's on a Wednesday and he's in the middle of HS coaching (as are you) and I won't be able to get off work in time.

rc said...

I like what Bradley has done, but I fully agree that qualifying for 2010, and building up to 2010, will require a smaller bunch of guys to develop as a team. I would think that is his plan, he seems to be a very systematic person, and very well prepared.

wilablog said...

rc: Seriously. I hope he is as smart as us ;-)

pele: Yeah, I am very much aware of the HS conflict. I do happen to have a ticket to the game though, just in case my boss gives me the day off from coaching.

mdeclouet said...

I'll definitely be at the game. As for you LHS bunch, what is the probability that you have a game on that day? I'm sure you've already looked into that, or Carlee has.

wilablog said...

If we play to our potential, we would have a game the following day. So I pretty much plan on not making the US game. The cost of the ticket and the chance to go was worth the price though, just in case the worst case scenario happens. However, I am planning to be in contention on 2/6.