Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lapira in Scotland

Wondering what the story is with Joseph Lapira, LA native and college prodigy? I've been wondering...especially because I kept looking out to see if he would potentially land on an MLS team this upcoming season. Apparently, he's in Scotland trying to earn a spot on Aberdeen FC. Toronto FC has tried to lay claim to Lapira but I would be surprised if he lands there. It appears that the folks in Toronto feel the same way.


pele1410 said...

He won't end up in TFC or anywhere in the MLS for that matter. That's why he was chosen in the 3rd round and not the 1st. He's been capped by the Irish, not the US. He's going to goto some mid-table club in Scotland or possibly a Championship club in England. It'll be a shame to see him goto Aberdeen since we'd never be able to watch him on tv but that's where the money and opportunity lie.

wilablog said...

Agreed. Well said.