Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Practice

A while back, I told you about "back of the net on the fly," which is a competition I put my club team through as a way to put conditioning drills up against their ability to perform certain skills. I also put them to the test with "crossbar" which is a bit harder. The goal of crossbar is to hit the crossbar of the goal on the fly from 40 yards out. It is much harder and the reward for my team is greater - no practice. As they get older, I will probably decrease the reward as they are a little bit too good and hit the crossbar more then I want, but they are not not good enough to actually skip practice.

Turns out, a British TV show, Soccer AM, does a crossbar challenge with professional teams at different levels. Here is an older clip of Arsenal taking a crack.

If you search for Crossbar Challenge videos, you'll find a lot of interesting teams taking on the challenge. The latest version is from a team named Torquay United who play in a lower division in English football. It's fun to watch. I won't ruin it for you but I will say this: This one has more moments that made me laugh then the Arsenal video.

Trust me, it's worth watching just for the mud dives.


pele1410 said...

The keeper hits it, how awesome. Great find.

Anonymous said...

You know: "All these kids they think they're quick on the draw"

Keep 'em just cocky enough to win and just humble enough to practice.

wilablog said...

anonymous: Nice Ritter reference. I like the cocky/humble thought too.

pele: Thought you would like that one. I thought the mud dive clips were pretty awesome as well. Did you watch the Torquay challenge?

pele1410 said...

I did, that's the kind of club I want to play for. Still playing for the love of it. Saw their coach take a crack at it? I'll go back and watch the whole series at some point... Probably while I'm bored at work.

SINEDDIE said...

I hit the cross bar once in a game in HS. Not bad for a full We played Franklin...I had 4 shots on goal that day....crazy right? No goals, but impressive.