Monday, January 29, 2007

Behind The Curve

Wow. I travel for a day and have to work in an office and I am out of the loop fast. Check it out.

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rc said...

Checketts (Salt Lake Owner) said that "he could sell the team by Friday"...rumor has it that they may not be in Salt Lake for very long with no stadium deal.

Beasley. Good for him, had a nice game, and played a full 90. I always questioned his small frame, but if he can handle 90 minutes in the EPL, the kid is tough.

For a guy known as a power striker, incredible piece of touch and skill shown by Rooney. How old is he, only 20 or so? Scary.

Glad to see Bobby Convey back in the lineup. I am slowly becoming a Reading supported, although the horizontal stripes of the jersey don't do well for me personally, I don't need anything making me look fatter than I already am...