Monday, January 22, 2007

The Dog Dilemma

In his MMQB article today, Peter King has a small anecdote regarding Drew Brees and his outlook on being a responsible "doggy citizen." I agree with the basic message and the basic premise that if your dog defecates somewhere, you should pick it up. I will say that it is slightly unfortunate that this is apparently an item of note. It should be standard behavior, like shutting off your cellphone in a movie theater...although people can't seem to even get that right yet.

The timing of this MMQB piece is serendipitous in that it has direct relevance on a specific event that occurred yesterday. In the midst of watching the Saints spoil the movie ending, I noticed a dog in our backyard. I love dogs. So I opened the door to see if I could get meet our visitor. Upon opening the door, I noticed that the dog was defecating in our backyard. So I started yelling. Simultaneously, two blocks away I hear someone else yelling, apparently trying to find out where their leash-less dog was. They had no idea that their dog was defecating on my lawn. I was then stuck with the dog dilemma. Should I have:

1. Assumed that they were responsible and considerate doggy citizens and that they would track down the dog and what it left behind?
2. Assumed that they were inconsiderate, grabbed a plastic bag and informed them where their dog took care of business? Not leave them alone until they came and picked it up?
3. Picked up the crap, followed them home, and left in on their front porch? Possibly on fire...


rc said...

You should find the owner of the dog, grab then by the shirt, and rub thier nose in it...hey, it works with the dogs...

SINEDDIE said...

it's only dookie.
you should have yelled..
"he's over here taking a dump...bring a leash and a shovel!!!"

retired said...

definitely #3
reminds me of my younger days!