Sunday, January 28, 2007

FA Cup Weekend

We've enjoyed a part of the weekend cheering on impotent giant killers in the FA Cup. For non-soccer readers, the FA Cup is the oldest Football competition in the world, with its roots in 1871-1872. In true democratic fashion, all teams in the top 4 leagues of English soccer get to compete against each other in a random draw knock out competition. It sets up the inevitable chances for giant killing throughout the competition. 687 teams signed up for the 2006-2007 tournament.

We are halfway through the Chelsea vs. Nottingham Forest game today which had the potential to be one of the biggest upsets in FA Cup history until the opening whistle blew and 8 minutes later the first goal hit the old onion bag.

  • If you played for Forest, would you have asked for an autograph before the game? No doubt.
  • If you played for Forest, whose jersey would you try to get at the end of the game? I would take Essien with my second choice being Drogba.
  • Gotta love Petr Čech's head gear.
Three quotes that show the color of English commentary
  • "Not sure what was in his mind on that one"
  • "Firmly shuts the door in his face"
  • "That has surely expunged all hope from Forest"
But seriously
  • Watching Blackburn drum Luton yesterday I couldn't help but notice that the main difference between the two teams was how Blackburn manhandled the Luton players. They were almost like men amongst boys...
  • Nottingham Forest really needed to come up with a better strategy in the first half than clearing the ball down field to the Chelsea defense and bracing themselves for the next attack. As I watch the second half, I have actually seen them try to pass the ball. Good idea. I think they actually will have deserved at least one goal in the end.
  • It's fascinating that the Chelsea fans spend a good portion of the game singing the Team Manager's name during the match.
  • Please, please, please burn this image of Condee off my retina...

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rc said...

If I played for Forest, I would trade shirts with Mourinho. He probably has a cool $25K in his chest pocket alone...

Condee Rice...NICE! So that is the new State Dept. PR strategy, send Americans to watch EPL games and act like they care!